Four Reasons To Start Cycling This Year

Cycling is a great way to discover new things, go out with your family members, cycle to work and save money – the benefits are endless. With the new year just gone, now is the time to try something new and cycling if you haven’t done it already is a great thing to get involved with. Below are four reasons to start cycling this year. So, go out, purchase some cycling gear and some scrunch bottom leggings to keep you warm and give it a go. 

Discover Your Surroundings 

One major benefit of cycling is the distance you cover. Whether you want to go trail riding, mountain biking, or road cycling, you have the potential to travel a distance that you would not cover if you were to run. It might be that some places you can’t reach by a car either, meaning you’ll find some beautiful scenery that you may have never known was reachable front our destination. It might be that you discover a whole new world that you didn’t know existed on your bike. 

It’s Good For All Ages 

If you have children and want something to do together, or if you fancy a romantic bike ride with your partner, cycling is accessible for all age groups. No matter your ability, anybody can jump on a bike and go for a ride. If your children aren’t comfortable on two wheels, you can add stabilizers so that they can join in too. Plus, depending on your fitness level you can travel at different speeds meaning no one is left behind. Just plan your route according to the ability of everyone cycling that way there isn’t a big daunting hill for a beginner to attempt to ride up. 

Cycling Can Save You Money 

The more you ride a bike the more comfortable you will be cycling on the roads next to cars. That said, depending on where you live, you may find you have dedicated cycle lanes to make it that little easier. A lot of countries are pushing for people to cycle to work as it is not only good for you, but also saves you a lot of money on transport. If the cost of purchasing a bike puts you off, you could always look at a cycle to work scheme as these can make a bike purchase cheaper. 

It’s Good For You 

In the end of the day cycling is extremely good for you. It’s good for your mental health, it’s good for your fitness, it helps decrease stress and you can lose weight or build strength (depending on your goal) It is said you can burn around 450 to 750 calories per hour of riding a bike. You can get your friends and family to come out on a bike ride with you for company and if you enjoy it, do it on a weekly basis. 

All that’s left to say is get on your bike and give it ago, if you don’t enjoy it you can always try something new. But without trying it, you won’t ever know. Just make sure you stay safe when cycling in the winter months as it gets dark and cold.


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