What I ate Wednesday // Sweet potato day


This is actually what I ate last Tuesday. I don’t think I’ve ever done a WIAW on a Wednesday. Awkward.

Speaking of awkward, MANGOS! They’re so fiddly to cut. I love mangos, but I tend to buy them prepped because of the hassle. One side will go well, but then I struggle getting the stone out.

This mango was delicious though. It was perfectly ripe and sweet. Best breakfast ever.



I had a sweet potato with cottage cheese for dinner for the DW Fitness challenge, as the ingredient of the week was sweet potato. I forgot how much  I love sweet potato, though cottage cheese on it kind of ruined it. I don’t think I like cottage cheese that much unless it’s got onion and chives in it.


For dinner I had quinoa salad with cottage cheese. Pretty standard meal for me. I added vegetarian red pesto to the quinoa this week and it was delicious!

What did you eat Wednesday?



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