#WIAW // A bit of a naughty day.


Morrisons had a fantastic offer on blueberries, 100% extra free so I got a massive punnet for only £2. I love me some blueberries and I have some with grapes for breakfast.



I had Quorn sausages for dinner on same salad leaves. I also had this quinoa that I made the previous day. It’s quinoa with fresh peppers, onions garlic, sweetcorn and kidney beans in. The flavour was so strong and fresh, I loved it! I made loads so had it for 3 days in a row. Quinoa is my new favourite food, it’s packed full of protein and goodness!


Later on, I had a bowl of Glorious Foods Skinny Soup. This was delicious, it was called ‘new England in autumn’ and was roasted butternut squash with cumin.

Things went a bit downhill from here! I went upstairs and watched some films with my housemates. At first I had a couple clementines which was fine, then I ended up eating a few Roses from a box on the table, then moved onto some cheese crackers, oops! It wasn’t too bad and it’s okay to let go a little. I’m just terrible if I have food in front of me, I usually will never eat chocolate, but if it’s in front of me I’ll pick at it. Before you know it, you’ve eaten 10 Cadbury’s roses! Awkward.

What are you eating Wednesday?



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  1. January 21, 2015 / 7:40 pm

    Congrats on becoming vegetarian! I really like reading your blog btw! I did a post if you’d like to check it out WIAW

    NEW POST Jennos Health.

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