Wearing makeup at the gym?

wearing makeup at the gym

I feel like people who wear makeup at the gym often get judged. Like being one of those girls that can’t go out without a full face of makeup makes them shallow, stuck-up, high-maintenance. You go to the gym to work out, not take gym selfies and be admired by others.

My personal opinion is that you can do what you want. You wearing makeup doesn’t make a difference to me and I’m too busy playing my stupid game or trying to get the next the weight machine before someone else gets on it to notice.

wearing makeup at the gym

I mostly go to the gym after work so I wear the makeup I wear to work  – which is only eyeshadow, eyeliner and mascara. If I go to the gym before work, I don’t tend to wear makeup unless I have one of those days where I look in the mirror and feel a bit ugh.

I think with social media and how workout clothes are somehow a fashion statement now, there is a pressure to look your best at the gym. Gone are the days when you work out in some old oversized t-shirt any old shorts.

But did you know wearing makeup at the gym is terrible for your skin? It clogs your pores and can cause blackheads – congested pores can also lead to larger pores. If you’re prone to acne, wearing makeup at the gym will actually make it worse. If you’re a dry skin sufferer, it will make your skin even dryer as you are trapping sweat against the skin. The acidic pH of sweat can cause irritation and tightness.

Along with sweat being trapped under your skin, toxins and other waste materials are also trapped instead of evaporating. Your skin will end up looking pretty dull!

The best thing to do is use a cleanser before and after you work out and apply a moisturiser with SPF if you are working out outside.

If you must wear makeup, light-tinted moisturiser and a mineral powder.

I bobbed over to Ellisons eBook to see what the professionals are using and here’s what I would love in my makeup bag for the gym. Here’s what I would put in it.

wearing makeup at the gym

I’d take some cleanser and cotton pads, a natural eye palette, mascara and eyeliner.

Do you wear makeup while working out?



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  1. October 22, 2017 / 4:53 pm

    I don’t wear make up to work out. I sweat way too much so it’d slide off my face!

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