Trying to push on through // Running Update

Yesterday morning I managed to do what I’ve been wanting to do for weeks.
Get up earlier than I have to so I can go for a run before work.
I honestly didn’t want to. I went to bed at a decent time the previous night, I was reading some running blogs in bed to inspire me to get my ass into gear, my eyelids were heavy and I almost fell asleep mid-read. Then as soon as I shut the laptop, the awakeness crept in.
Awakeness is an utter knob.
I started to feel panicked around 2am when I still wasn’t asleep. Thinking that I’ll end up sleeping in an hour extra rather than getting up and going for a run.
The alarm went off and I did steal an extra 30 mins, but then I still got myself out of bed.
Another 3 miler – focusing on getting my fitness back up. I’m tempted to try a 5 miler on Sunday.
I ran a lot faster than on Tuesday, knocking 42 seconds off my average split!
I probably knocked a few more seconds off than mapmyrun recorded, as my leg warmer fell down at one point and I had to adjust it, then my running pants were not tied tight enough and started to roll down – another stop and adjust.
You know what pisses me off? Running tops. I’ve yet to find a running top that is long enough. They always sit just above my hip bones. I have a long torso and would feel so much more comfortable if they would sit below the hip bones so I wouldn’t have to worry so much about my ass being on show. Nobody wants to see that.
In the last half a mile, I was alternating between running hard and going back to my normal pace using the lamp posts as markers. I might try that more often and see if it helps increase my speed. Which I’m so desperate too but I just.. I just find it so hard to push myself.
I could probably run for miles, but pushing myself to run faster.. na-uh. I’m the queen of excuses when it comes to that.
I just need to get a grip and get on with it.
Wish me luck. I’ll keep trying.

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