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Treats from My Protein


I was recently contacted by My Protein to see if I wanted to try some products from their range.

I said yes, naturally and they asked me what type of products I wanted to try out.

I knew I wanted to try some almond butter as I’ve been eyeing some up for ages.

I spoke to them a bit about my fitness goals and as I do a lot of running, they suggested I try some of their Maltodextrin energy powder.

They also stuck in some protein drink samples too try to out.


The Maltodextrin is a way to get energy and replace your glycogen stores quickly.

It’s a white powder that you can add to juice, water or smoothies. I doesn’t taste of anything – I’ve been drinking it mixed with water before and after exercise and it just has a slight sweet taste.


The almond butter is massive! I wasn’t expecting it to be an industrial size like this, it’s bigger than my head.

I’ve seen almond butter in the supermarkets and it’s so expensive for a little tub so this is great value for money.

I’ve been adding this to my smoothies in a morning. It’s a great way to add protein into your diet and has 25g of protein per 100g.


I was sent some samples of Jam Roly Poly Impact Whey Protein, too. I’ve only ever tried chocolate protein before. The Roly Poly one was delicious. I mixed it with milk after being at the gym and it tastes exactly like strawberry milkshake.

My Protein stock a variety of workout products, including supplement and snacks to help fuel your workouts.


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  • Sharon

    I love My Protein! Every month like clockwork I place an order to stock up on my protein, BCAA powder and whatever goodies take my fancy. Can’t say I’ve tried Maltodextrin though, and the jam roly poly flavoured protein sounds awesome!

    Sharon x

  • Sarah

    I’ve started having protein drinks after workouts but have yet to find ones I really like. Most of the ones I had on hand to try have lactose in so I end up with aching post-gym muscles and a really sore stomach! I’ve heard whey protein is good for those with a lactose intolerance?

    Oo I really want to try almond butter, I imagine it tastes great!

    Sarah 🙂
    Saloca in Wonderland

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