Training plan for my half marathon.


I wrote this post at the start of the month but for some reason it didn’t publish. Doom on WordPress. I still wanted to post it. Since writing this post, I’ve been training and I’m not up to 7 mile runs and I ran my fastest 3 miler in ages last week! There is hope ­čÖé


1st March 2017

I’ve signed up for a half marathon on the 14th May.

I’ve been really struggling running and just had almost 2 weeks off doing any exercise whatsoever.

I am in severe need of training and in an attempt to motivate myself into believing it’s possible to run a half marathon in 2 and a half months, I’ve pulled off my training runs for the one I did two years ago to see if I am on track.

I’m heavier now, which is causing me issues.

At the time I was also going to the gym and doing some interval work on the treadmill. I intend to train similarly for my next half marathon.

Another thing that’s making me not want to run is where I live. I have a massive hill to climb either at the start or the end of my run. I’m going to alternate between having the hill at the end as a cool down and getting in my car and running by the canal. I do need to do some hill runs for my training, but not these type of hills! They’re ridiculous.



In Feb 2015:

I ran 3 times and was running 3 miles.

In March 2015:

I ran 8 times. The most I ran was 8 miles.

In April 2015:

I ran 7 times. The most I ran was 11 miles.

So these are my goals, basically. It’s 28th Feb as I write this and I am going to go out for a run.

Then over March, I need to increase my distance to 8 miles.

Over April, increase to 11 miles.

It seems a lot more doable when I look at it like this. I’m hoping that through the half marathon training I’ll naturally┬álose weight. I’m going to eat well but not track and obsess.

Right, I better get ready for a run now.

Wish me luck.

*edit* Just got back from a painful 3-mile run! It took me 35 minutes, so only a few seconds longer than I ran three miles in February 2015. Maybe there is hope?



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