Tips for Training for a 10K Race

I never feel prepared enough when training for a 10k race. I usually leave the serious training until 2 or 3 weeks before race day, which is pretty idiotic!
Here are some things that prevent me from curling over and dying. 
Note that I’m not at all an expert. Not even a little one – this post is written mainly for me. I gather the internet for tips and stuffed all the ones I like in one post.

Tips for Training for a 10K Race.

  • Have the right pair of shoes. I bought some new Nikes after my last race, but they just don’t fit me right and make my shins hurt when I run so I’ve gone back to my old ones. There are many ways to ensure you have the right pair of shoes. It helps to know if you are an overpronator or an underpronator.
  • Switch up your course. Running the same course every day will make things boring. I have a few routes of varying distances that I like to do. Also insure you get a good mix of flat and hill climbs.
  • Get those hills in! You might see a hill and think ‘Oh Fuck’ and take it as an opportunity to walk for a bit and rehydrate, but running up hills will make your muscles work faster, become stronger and actually increase your pace.
  • Run intervals. There are so many different interval training plans you can follow. There doesn’t seem to be any ‘rules’ about how long each interval should be – just that you should be running at the point where you can’t hold a conversation and then use your ‘recovery’ intervals to catch your breath again.
  • Before going on a run, you should eat around 400 calories an hour or more before you go out to ensure you have enough energy to get the most out of your run.
  • Aim to run a few 10Ks before race day. This gives you an idea of your time and also how easy/hard you find it. On my last 10k, I even did longer than 10k (8 miles) 5 days before the race.
  • Lose weight – did you know that with every pound you lose, you can shave around 2 seconds per mile off your time?
  • Cawfee – yes, coffee. Caffeine can give you an energy boost before exercise.
  • Stretch before you run. I know this seems obvious, but I never used to stretch before running, I used to go straight into it. A few months ago my foot and shin started hurting a mile and half into runs. I found if I stretched, it didn’t hurt. If I skipped stretching,  the pain crept in. 

What are your tips for preparing for a race?

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