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The Reality Of Your 5-a-Day

Fruit and vegetables are a key part of every balanced diet as they have many beneficial properties, and are very low in calories whilst still being able to keep you full for a long time. Although you might think getting more than 5 portions of them each day will help to improve your health even further, it can actually have some quite detrimental effects on your body. The following information should aid you in getting the full potential out of mother natures colourful gifts, without overdoing it and causing yourself any damage.


Fruits are absolutely jam-packed with vitamins, and each has their own unique selling points. Grapefruits are one of the best common citrus fruits as they’re a source of vitamin A, which is vital for a strong immune system. Blueberries are full of vitamin C, helping to protect cells against damage. Pomegranates are an excellent source of fibre, and are also immense antioxidants. All fruits provide some kind of benefit to your health, so it’s encouraged that you source them regularly and eat them as a substitute to your usual afternoon snack every so often for a nutrient boost or make some fruit infused water.


Vegetables are equally as valuable, serving a vital purpose in living an energy rich life. Spinach has many remarkable qualities, including having very high levels of iron, folate, magnesium and vitamin K. Tomatoes contain calcium and beta-carotene, as well as high levels of potassium decreasing your likelihood of strokes. Beetroots have an exceptionally large nutritional value, containing plenty of manganese and vitamins A and C. All vegetables help to keep you on top form in some way or another, thus making them an essential part of every meal time (serving a portion taking up at least half of your plate).

The Risks

You may not believe this, but an apple contains the same amount of sugar on average as half a can of full-fat carbonated drink. The sugar found inside the fruit is often said to be healthier than the sugar in soft drinks, but this is not necessarily true. Eating too much fruit can do serious damage to your teeth, meaning you may have to seek dental treatments or risk getting an infection. Not only does the sugar rot your mouth, but it can also cause you to gain excess weight as once reserves are full it begins to store as fat instead. The riper the fruit the more sugar it contains, so if overeating fruit is a worry for you then opt against this and sway towards watermelons and kiwifruit.

Hopefully, it all seems a little more simple to understand now. The bottom line is that fruit and vegetables do wonders for the overall health of the body and mind when eaten sensibly in moderation, but as with almost anything too much indulgence can have its consequences. It’s much more probable that you are in fact not consuming enough, so try to incorporate some of the ones mentioned above to feel the benefits in no time.


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