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Sundried launch recycled activewear


In 2017 Sundried will launch its new recycled activewear, which is currently being developed to continue their ethical ethos. 

I’ve been a fan of Sundried since they first contacted me months ago try to one of their tank tops. Since then I’ve worked with them a few times promoting their ethical activewear.  

Sundried’s new collections has a strong focus on triathlon, cycling, functional fitness and the ‘all day active’. So if you want a new tri-suit or just something to lounge about it, there’s something for you. Curious about how it’s made? Then see the below information:


2017 will see Sundried taking fabrics to a new level. Using recycled plastics and used coffee, Sundried has been developing a sustainable technology suitable for activewear. By utilising coffee’s natural ability to block odour, the fabric is the ideal choice for some of our new garments. Partnering with coffee shops and collecting their used coffee grounds has provided a very sustainable route to supply raw material. Once thought of as garbage, now can be looked at as “trash to cash” while we continue to collect used coffee ground and plastic bottles from landfills by giving it another life.

Low carbon Info (audit from the Low-carbon Innovation Fund):

Sundried is a sustainable active wear brand focused on creating low-carbon, stylish and functional garments. Part of the company mission is to ensure that sustainability is at the core of everything we do. 

Our clothing range delivers C02e savings in a number of ways. Firstly, there is a carbon saving as a result of our low carbon freight policy which avoids using air freight to/from clothing manufacturing destinations (e.g. China/India etc.). Instead, we use land freight to ship goods to Southend. This action alone has resulted in avoiding 7179.1km of air freight travel displacing 7,725.22kg C02e. 

Secondly, our clothing range is designed to be washed at cooler temperatures. Between now (July 2016) and December 2020, this will help contribute toward a saving of 25,163.424 kWh in electricity consumed displacing 11,630.28 kg C02e. 

Thirdly, our products are produced with a unique cotton and polyester fabric which is extremely durable and designed to be re-worn/re-washed numerous times without damage to the fit or colour. Based on our calculations, without our garments the user would purchase 5 individual garments over 4 years. This would result in the disposal of 4.888 tonnes of fabric with a carbon impact of 2,158.872 kg C02e. 

Lastly, just as the disposal of garments is avoided with our products, the production of the garments of the same tonnage is avoided resulting in the displacement of 87,254.41 kg C02e. In total, Sundried help to displace 108,768.782 kg C02e or 108.768 T C02e.

Plastic showing up in water supplies is a huge concern and Sundried have been supporting Surfers Against Sewage for several years now.

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