Summer Cycling Clothes

I was back in the saddle this weekend. For the first time in over 4 months. Terrible, I know. But I had been focusing on running and finding it hard to have time to cycle, as well as run my main blog, and work. 
Getting ready for a cycle is such a bloody ordeal. I have to carry the bike up the stairs, get changed and pick what I should wear according to the temperature, make sure my wheels/bike are okay, make sure I’ve not got forgot anything.. it just seems to take forever. 
Anyway, excuses out of the way. I posted about cheap cycling clothing for beginners last summer, I kitted myself out in cheap items as I just could not afford to sink so much money into the clothing all in one go. It’s not a cheap sport, this cycling business, ya know. I’ve been slowly upgrading my clothing since then. The warmer weather is here, and that makes me want to cycle rather than run. I am finally over my fear of the clipless pedals, which was making me a tad scared to get back on the bike, so I decided to kit myself for summer as well as get a few extra bits and bats:
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dhb Ladies Mono Short Sleeve Jersey

Adidas Response Lycra Arm Warmers:

High5 Zero Electrolyte Drink – 20 Tabs

dhb Vaeon Lycra Leg Warmers:

dhb Ladies Active Padded Cycling Bib Short

All I need to do now is find an extra few hours in the day….

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