So Shape Challenge // Round Two

So Shape Challenge

You may remember a couple weeks ago I did the So Shape Challenge.

Here is how I got on.

As I wasn’t a massive fan of the meals, I was offered the chance to try 10 of the sweet flavours.

The sweeter flavours were much nicer than the meals and rather than having 2 a day, I would have one at breakfast then a light lunch that had similar macros as the shakes, then a normal meals.

My light lunches included things like prawn salads, tuna salads, soup, chicken.

I did this for two reasons:

  • Although the shakes filled me up for breakfast, by 1pm I was ready for some food.
  • I wanted to make it last 10 days instead of 5.

As I had busy weekends, I did two 5 day challenges like this and lost an additional 3lbs. Bringing my total weight loss to 6lbs which is a lot for me as I struggled to lose any weight at all before trying this.

The flavours were amazing and I’m a bit annoyed that I didn’t get more of these before.

As it’s been so cold outside, I found myself looking forward to the shakes for breakfast. I made them by putting a small amount of cold water in, shaking it and then adding hot water to create a warm, filling drink.

My favourites were sea salt caramel, vanilla, and white chocolate, and speculoos (a ginger/cinnamon/biscuit type taste).

Hazlenut would have been in my top favourites too if it had a bit of chocolate added to it for sweetness.

I’m impressed with these and sad that they are gone. I’m considering making a shake like this a permanent thing for breakfast.

So Shape Challenge So Shape Challenge So Shape Challenge So Shape Challenge So Shape Challenge

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