Oi You! Time To Get Rid Of That Lockdown Weight

Do you look in the mirror and feel slightly aghast? Don’t worry, we’ve all put on a bit of lockdown weight. We’ve been without the gym, without our workout buddies and without the social environment that a fitness centre creates. But there’s no use sulking, you are where you are. You don’t have to like it, but you do have to accept it. You can’t just carry on like nothing ever happened. Here’s how you can get rid of all that lockdown weight you’ve put on, the past 3-4 months.

Enemy at the gate 

Firstly, you need to stop eating carbs. The list of essential items in our grocery bags always included monster carbs. Rice, pasta, potatoes and bread, have to be cut down dramatically. The carbs are the enemy, and you have to treat them that way. It’s not to say that you should get on a keto diet, but it wouldn’t hurt. You will also have more opportunity to eat meat and fats, which are good for your taste buds, for your cravings and guess what? They help you lose weight. 

Cut out carbs in your lunch and dinner, and the only time you’re allowed them is at breakfast. A piece of toast or some cereal is fuel until lunchtime. However, you can even cut out carbs for breakfast and have eggs, bacon, Greek yogurt, nuts and honey, or a fruit salad with some whipped cream!

Don’t go straight back!

Many gyms are opening with precautionary measures put in place. They will demand that all their customers wear face masks, even while working out. But this doesn’t make sense if you intend on breathing hard, you know, kind of like when you’re working out!?

This is one reason why you shouldn’t go straight back to the gym. The other is the clear and present danger. You could get the virus from someone else at the gym, and that would be the last thing you need. So, try to workout outside in the garden. Ask your workout buddy to come around to your house, and keep 2 meters distance at all times. Put two yoga mats down outside on the lawn, have all your equipment ready to go and place some sanitizer close by. Slowly but surely, get back into your workout routine, while supporting each other verbally.

Back into the routine

So many people have lost their will to get up early in the morning. That’s because, for so many weeks, there’s nothing they could do. But now, that the lockdown has been lifted, you have to start obeying your alarm clock again. This will require a retraining of your mind and willpower to get up when you would have gotten up, pre-lockdown.

But how do you do this? Well, you have to annoy yourself. Place your alarm clock out of reach. If you have a makeup table or drawer against a wall, that’s out of reach, put your phone or traditional alarm clock on top. This will force you to physically get out of bed, to shut it off.

You can also take a photograph of your body while wearing a bikini, and stick it to the wall that’s next to your bed. This way, it’s one of the first things you see when you open your eyes. It will show you things you want to change about yourself and show you, that this is how you look without any clothes to hide your love handles, buddha belly and sad behind. If anything, it’s motivation to not get used to what you don’t like!

Get the help you need

Maybe you have never worked out before, so you will need some extra guidance. That’s where a great personal trainer comes in. they will give you the confidence to execute a tough plan of action. Their strength and belief in you improves your self-belief and determination. Better yet, because you have a professional gym rat by your side, you know you’re not in any danger. They will know when you can be pushed and when you’re in too much pain to continue. In some ways, they babysit you, just until you have gotten over the first couple of hurdles.

Then the real fun begins. After you’ve lost weight, then they will ask you what your body shape goals are. Helping you sculpt your legs, buttocks, abs and arms, you can become the attractive individual you’ve always known you could be. Imagine you come out of lockdown and without a couple of months, you look like you never even gained weight at all. Get moving soldier!

Share your progress

Social media has become a great platform for fitness enthusiasts and people changing their lives through exercise. It can be a real boost to your confidence to share your progress photos and selfies. Millions of people do the same because they get positive comments and some valuable critiques too.

You can even become a symbol of motivation to others that are or were in your position. Joining a fitness group online via Facebook is a great start. Only people inside the group will see your photos and you’re also, surrounded by like-minded people. It’s not recommended you share progress photos randomly online, but if you have a thick skin, then you may find it helpful and a boost to your motivation.

Buy new gear

Chances are, your own fitness clothes won’t fit you. And you don’t want to wear leggings and tops that obviously, won’t compliment your figure. It’s a good idea to shop around and buy some workout clothes that fit your new size, so you can feel secure and confident when working out in public. If you would like some extra help, get a workout watch or perhaps new trainers. New gear can also reset our mind and think of new goals. Check out these workout clothes for men.

We’ve all got lockdown weight, so don’t think and act like you’re the only one with a bit of extra flesh on your bones. But do something about it, don’t accept the new ‘you’, get back into the routine or start anew.

1. noun: a female blogger that writes about her own experiences, observations and opinions. 2. verb: to act like a complete idiot or to do something stupid. e.g: She did a Corinne.

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