New year new me and all that

It’s been ages since I updated. Oops! Thing is, I’ve been struggling with fitness over the past few weeks. My chest press got worse and in one session I couldn’t even lift 40kg anymore! I’ve been distracted looking for another job and I was drinking a little too much which always kills my gym motivation. I then had a sickness bug or something which killed me off. I even had to take two days sick from work and cancel my PT session!

Anyway. I am back now!

I’m starting the year weighing 11 st 6 lbs.

I was 12 st 3 lbs when I started my PT sessions in December 2017. I did get down to 11 st in June which is where I’d like to be. But I’m trying not to focus too much on weight.

Here are my current photos:

So my finess/health goals for this year:

  • Do dry January
  • Get under 25% body fat (currently 28ish)
  • Squat 45kg hitting the box! (can do it but not that deep)
  • Bench 40kg for 8 reps

What are you goals?


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