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Now that I’m back in full force on the fitness wagon, I decided to treat myself and get myself some new gym gear. Nothing inspirers me more than new gym gear!

I used to always wear tight tops and shorts, then when I gained weight I started to wear baggy tops because I was embarrassed of my body. It made me feel ugly at the gym. And while I know you don’t go to the gym to look pretty, and that I’ll never be one of those girls that looks cute when working out, I wanted to wear clothes that made me feel good about myself.

I bought myself some tops in a size above what I would usually get, some colourful sports bras and pants to make my gym gear more exciting, rather than wearing dark colours all the time.

I headed over to Sports Direct and before I knew it, I had all this in my basket and was checking out! It only came to around £80 too, which I think is great for what is basically 2 full workout kits!


What do you workout in?


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