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Nakd Bar Review

If you read my lifestyle blog, you might remember me what’s in my bag post, where I carried around a Cocoa Orange Nakd bar.

Already a fan of the whole food bars, I was happy to say YES when Natural Balance Foods offered to send me a mixed box of Nakd bars!

I’ve only ever the Cocoa Orange flavour and Berry Delight.

If you’re looking for healthy cereal bars, rather than ones that are full of sugar and artificial flavourings – Nakd bars are ideal. They’re gluten, wheat and dairy free with no added sugar.

They come in a selection of flavours, so there’s something for everyone.

If you look on the ingredients list, each bar only has 3-4 natural ingredients, plus a selection of natural flavourings.

I’m not obsessed with the bakewell tart and chocolate mint ones!

I personally carry one in my glovebox in my car in case I’ve not had time to eat at proper lunch before heading straight to the gym.

Have you tried Nakd bars before? What did you think?

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