My Christmas Fitness Wishlist


christmas fitness wishlist

Christmas is coming SO SO SO SO SO SOON!

I wanted to put together a list of fitness related things I want for Christmas to help you if you know someone who is a fan of keeping fit and don’t know what to get them for Christmas, or if you want to get me something for Christmas but don’t know what to get me. 😉christmas fitness wishlist

  1. Sports Bra – I can’t count how many time I’ve rummaged around in a morning looking for a sports bra. They’re essential for running and I can’t go to the gym without one! You can get them in different funky patterns, colours and styles and they make a great gift that’s actually useful.
  2. A book about fitness – there’s nothing like a fitness or running related book to inspire – whether it’s fiction, a biography or a book around the science of fitness, they’re all great reads for people who love (or want to love) exercise.
  3. Medicine Ball – medicine balls are great for toning and strengthening and give you a different way to working out than your usual weights. These are something I want to start experimenting with, I see them at the gym but because I have no idea how to use them, I’m all RUN AWAY!
  4. Slogan Tee – I love a good slogan t-shirt like this – whether it’s a shirt with a funny quote such as running to drink wine, or what that has a motivational quote, they’re always a winner!
  5. Workout Journal – another way to stay motivated is to keep a journal of your workouts. You can do this easily on your phone but to be honest, I prefer the old pen and paper approach when it comes to tracking things like this! There are loads of workout diaries out there and they make great gifts.
  6. Winter Running Top – it’s cold but I still want to run! Last year I asked my Mum for a long sleeved running top for Christmas to help me through winter and it was a great gift – not only for running but to throw on after the gym on your way home.
  7. Sports Socks – just like a sports bra, socks are something I’m always scrambling around for! I find if I don’t wear socks designed for exercise or running, I am much more prone to blisters!
  8. Kettle Bells – as with medicine balls, these have been something I’ve been wanting to experiment with lately. I’ve had a play at the gym but feel a bit stupid – I’d love my own set to get myself started. With the amount of YouTube videos around nowadays, I bet there’s loads using kettle bells I could follow long with!

What’s on your fitness wish list?




  1. December 7, 2015 / 1:28 pm

    I love using medicine balls at the gym – I mainly use the for Russian Twists which kill your abs! They’re also good for making sit ups harder, as you can sit up then lift the ball over your head then repeat. Give them a go!
    Kettlebells are also great but I’d recommend going to a Kettlebell class if you can as they can’t be quite bad for you if you don’t use the correct technique.

    • Corinne
      December 7, 2015 / 3:25 pm

      You can buy me them all then :p

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