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I recently had an e-mail about trying out some nutrition and supplements from a brand called Monkey Nutrition, which I’ve never heard of before now.

After a quick browse of their site, I found it easy to use. You can search products by your fitness goals which is always handy! So if you’re looking to build muscle, burn fat, or increase endurance and performance, you can quickly find the products that can help you.

After a quick chat over e-mail, we decided that Spirulina and Gro would be good for me.


Monkey Nutrition

I’ve tried spirulina in the past and have been impressed by it. It’s always hard to tell if supplements are working, but what I can say that when I add this to smoothies before going to the gym or on a run, I always seem to have great workouts and feel like I can go for longer.

Spirulina is a blue green algae and one of THE most complete food sources on the planet! Along with a huge amount of antioxidants, Spirulina is a rich source of protein with 18 amino acids in abundance. It has been used by cultures around the world for many centuries as a source of essential nutrients, including an array of minerals and vitamins.

It contains a massive 63.5g of protein per 100g.

It doesn’t have much of a taste so you can add it to smoothies and shakes no problem. It does turn everything it touches into a dark green/black colour though!

  Monkey Nutrition

Monkey Nutrition

Monkey Nutrition

GRO – Human Growth Hormone Support Complex

Monkey Nutrition

This product helps the body burn more fat as well as help the body repair and grow muscle:

Monkey GRO incorporates amino acids combined with hydrochloride (HCL) molecules, to increase efficacy in the production of human growth hormone (HGH). These nutrients work in synergy to maximise the potential for the secretion of anabolic hormones, which control the replication and repair of DNA & RNA, protect the liver, boost immune function and ultimately stimulate the growth and repair of muscle tissue. Using Monkey GRO whilst in a rested state will further increase the production of HGH, which increases the body’s fat burning ability, resulting in a leaner body composition.

You take 2 capsules a day, so each bottle will last for a month.

Monkey Nutrition

I can’t wait to start seeing some results with these. Now that I’m almost moved into my house, I can start getting back into a consistent workout routine!

A leaner body is the dream!

Have a nosey around Monkey Nutrition for yourself and see what products might suit you. I also have my eyes on their protein powders!



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  1. July 10, 2015 / 1:41 pm

    I would like to try the Spirulina, I used it in the past and I liked it.

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