Merry Christmas From Graze

graze box

There is no fitness update this week. I think I mentioned in last weeks update that I started to struggle with vertigo. Things have been really bad and I’ve had to take time off work and go to the doctors. I’m being referred to a specialist but in the mean time I have to rest and wait for it to pass before I can move about or exercise again. It’s making me feel rubbish about my body because exercise really helps me feel better about myself. I feel frumpy and awful. Do not look at me. I hope I’m better soon so I can get myself back to the gym!

Instead I wanted to share with you this present I got from Graze. They surprised me with a lovely stocking with my name printed on it, mince pie flap jack and some nutty treats 🙂

Thanks Graze!

graze box graze box graze box graze box graze box



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