Posted on August 15, 2015

Keep Me Going Cereal

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Keep Me Going Cereal

Keep Me Going cereal is developed by a new company Рinspired by the shock they felt when discovering how much sugar and salt was in the cereal their children were eating, they decided to create a healthy alternative that could be priced similar to the bigger companies.

After 2 years in the making, they finally got it right.

It’s low GI and it’s got 8 times less salt and 60% less sugar than Special K!

They’ve tried to aim the product at the whole family and appeal to children. There’s a few hidden surprises around the packet, hidden codes that take you to websites and even pig latin if you look really hard! There’s also around the world trading cards that tells you about different countries. There’s 190 to collect and even a map to print off from their website so you can mark the countries you’ve got. A fun way to get your kids interested in the cereal and learning about different parts of the world!

You can currently only get the cereal from Orcardo, but hopefully will be coming to bigger supermarkets soon, along with another cereal: Keep Me Strong, a high protein, low salt and low sugar cereal.

I’ve personally been eating this with some honey to get my day started. It’s delicious with chopped bananas, too.

Keep Me Going Cereal

Keep Me Going Cereal

Keep Me Going Cereal Keep Me Going Cereal Keep Me Going Cereal Keep Me Going Cereal

Keep Me Going Cereal


What’s your favourite cereal?


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