How I’m Splitting Up My Upper Body Workouts

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Okay, so it’s been two weeks since I’ve been hitting the weights hard. I was originally doing upper body one day, then lower the next.

I wanted to start targeting areas more specifically, and I know a lot of people train different areas separately. Like, they might do back and chest one day, and shoulders and triceps another day etc. I wanted to see if this could work for me, by giving different muscle groups a more intense workout. So I ran to the internet to see what types of exercises are good for each area and how I can fit them into my routine with the equipment I’m using at the gym. I’m pretty clueless at this as I’ve never been really into weights, but I want to make it work with me!

I’m going to split them into two for now:

  • Biceps/Triceps/Back
  • Chest/Shoulders/Traps

Please note that I’m not great at explaining these exercises and they mainly for my reference when I’m at the gym, so please do Google them if unsure! Also if anyone has any suggestions or anything please let me knoowww I’m new to this so advice is appreciated! 

Biceps, Triceps and Back exercises:

 Barbell Curl

Pretty self explanatory. Can also use dumbbells or the arm curl machine.

Lying Tricep Press

This is where you lie on your back with a barbell, hold the barbell above your chest so your arms are pointing to the ceiling and then bring your arms towards your shoulders.

Seated Tricep Press

I know I’m going to hate these so much. This is where you sit on a bench or something similar and use one dumbbell in both arms, hold above your head with both hands and move the weight downwards behind you until your forearms touch your biceps, then lift up again.

Triceps Pushdown

Using the cable weight machine, have a bar attached to the high pulley, stand straight with your arms close to your body, bend your forearms to reach the bar so they’re at a 90 degree angle and with your forearms pointing upwards, pull the bar down until they are fully extended, hold for a second and then slowly bend your arms again.

Hammer Curls

Using dumbbells, start with your arms by your side and bring the weights up with your fist to the ceiling.


Either using a chair or the assisted dip machine.

Wide Grip Seated Row

Using the cable machine, have your hands at a wider grip than normal, more than shoulder width.

Dead Lifts

Dead lifts are great for your back, as well as your legs. But your form is really important here so make sure you’re doing them right!

Lat Pull Down

This is one of my favourite exercisers to do. You can also do them wide grip and close grip.

Chest, Shoulders and Traps

Bench and chest press. 

I either use the chest press machine for this, or sometimes use free weights – either dumbbells or a barbell and lay on my back on the floor and do a chest press.

Chest flyes

These can be done on the cable machine, on a weight machine or with free weights.

Dips – Chest Version

These are where you lean slightly forward and use your chest to push through rather than your arms.

Push ups. 


Shoulder Press

Can be done on a machine, with a barbell or dumbbells.

Barbell Front Raise

These can also be done with dumbbells, keep your arms straight and lift the bar up until your arms are pointing straight forward and shoulder level.

Upright Row

Either using a cable machine or dumbbells, start with your arms straight and pull your weights up to neck hight, bending your elbows.

Like I said, any tips are appreciated, or if you think I should be doing different muscles together, let me know!


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  • Sarah

    I really like this idea of putting a plan together to work through, my problem is I get so comfortable doing certain moves and just stick with them because I’m scared to try something new or a new machine and look like a complete dick. I’m not a huge fan of the lying tricep press because I’m convinced I’m going to drop the bar on my face, I also just find the position really uncomfortable :/ I do enjoy doing a push and press or a squat and press just don’t ask me which of your routine they’d fit into!

    Sarah 🙂
    Saloca in Wonderland

  • Katie

    I’m always trying splits and then ending up going back to full body workouts! Just a timing thing for me. I hate most tricep moves haha! They’re my least favourite body part to work out!

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