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How to Work off Your Wimbledon Favourites


Wimbledon 2015 is running from 29th June until 12th July.

A friend of mine got me into tennis about 8 years ago. There’s something about it that I really love. I love a long final match where it could go either way. The build up is pretty epic.

I’ve lost touch with tennis over the past few years, I’m unsure of some of the players but I want to get back into enjoying it. I don’t watch many sports on TV. Read that as I don’t want ANY sports on TV. Apart form tennis every now and again.

So Wimbledon is probably one of London’s key events of the summer. It’s delightfully English and also associated with typical English snacks and beverages.

So how much tennis would you have to play to burn these off?




Thanks to Central London Apartments for supplying the image.


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  • Anca

    I like the graphic a lot. It easier to understand how many calories there are if you look at it like this. From my experience, people don’t realize how easy is to get fat without eating a lot.

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