Hi I am back // Fitness Update

Hello! Sorry, I’ve not updated for a while, I have been busy moving house and living life. I have been going to the gym still!

Hopefully, normal service will resume now.

Monday: Deadlifts
Tuesday: PT leg day
Wednesday: Chest
Thursday: Rest
Friday: Leg strength
Saturday: Core
Sunday: Leg endurance

Monday was my first day back after three days off. We were away for a funeral and wedding. It felt good to be back in the gym but I did struggle!

My PT session was tough. We didn’t go past 40kg but my depth wasn’t great!

Chest day was amazing! I smashed a new PB with two reps at 47.5kg!

Friday was another hard leg session. I seem to have gone backwards a little bit after doing so well! 50kg and 55kg felt hard again!

After my core day on Saturday, I spent a bit of time on my snatch. I am struggling to squat with the bar above my head so I need to work on my flexibility.

Sunday was then another hard leg session. I’ve done three leg sessions this week as I needed to start my week on Monday as we are away again next weekend!

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