Getting cycling clothes cheap – A Beginners Guide.

Starting cycling can be expensive. The bike itself is a substantial amount of money (my entry level womans road bike – a Specialized Dolce EQ was £670) – then you have to get the correct clothing on top of that. Doom. You can expect to easily spend £50 on a top, and £50 on a pair of padded shorts if you are not careful. 
I knew when I first started out, that I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on gear until I was really into cycling and doing long distances. Obviously you pay for quality, but to begin with you do not need the best padded shorts when you are doing under 20 miles, or a branded top. I’ve seen a lot of cyclists while being out, some wear normal clothes, some wear a normal tee and tracksuit bottoms or combats, some wear expensive brand named gear. 
The following items are items I own from Sports Direct. They also do mens clothing so please check out the website for more items.
2. Jersey £7.50
3. Jersey £14.99
4. Jersey £7.50
5. Padded Shorts £9.99
6. Hi Viz Jacket £27.99
7. Padded Shorts £6
8. Bike Mits £5.99
I also got these sunglasses from Amazon for £11.95 and use the same trainers I run in, as I do not use clips yet!
I have two jackets, number 1 for when it is cold and number 6 for when it is warm but raining. The Nike Hi Viz jacket was a God send today when it was raining while I was out! It is small enough to fit in my saddle bag and is wind and water proof. It’s very light material so is not uncomfortable if it is generally a warm day. 
The jerseys – well, they each have 3 pockets at the bag to put things in, such a food, or even the Hi Viz jacket. Also has a zip pocket where I keep my key and usually a bit of money.
I have two pairs of padded shorts – one is longer than the other. I don’t really have a preference, I was a bit reluctant to get cheap shorts at first for fear they will be uncomfortable, but I haven’t had much discomfort at all. Then again, I have never ridden over two hours at a time.
Finally – the bike mits are a must. I have never ever ridden without them and would feel very vulnerable if I did not have them on! The sunglasses are also a must – wind in your face and the change of flies in your eyes – no thanks!
These are not fancy brands at all, but decent enough to start out on. My plan is to slowly add better clothing into my collection. I have the basics now and they do the job just fine. 

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