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Get Nutri-Bombz Straight through your Letter Box


I’ve done Graze box before but eventually stopped getting it because I’m not a big fan of nuts and a lot of the products had nuts in them. But I loved how it was a fun way to get healthy food in your diet and even better, you can carry them about with you!

I was contacted last week by Nutri-Bombz about their balls. LOL BALLS.

They have a great selection of balls for all. You simply let them know what you want and they’ll post a box through your door. A BOX THAT FITS THROUGH YOUR LETTER BOX. Wahooo!



Here are the flavours you can get:


  • Salted Caramel
  • Coconut
  • Choccy Orange
  • Maldon Sea Salt
  • Omega Boost
  • Banana Pie
  • Choccy Brownie
  • Wonder Berry
  • Superfruit
  • Mint Choccy Brownie
  • Cappuccino
  • Vanilla Fudge
  • Pecan Truffle
  • Green Tea
  • Ginger
  • Rhubarb & Custard
  • Peanut Butter

Protein-Bombz  (includes whey protein)

  • Choccy Protein
  • Salted Caramel
  • Coconut
  • Peanut butter

Breakfast-Bombz (include oats)

  • Choccy breakfast
  • Coconut breakfast
  • Honey, orange & nut
  • Summer BAOBAB
  • Moringa miracle
  • Goji fruit ‘n’ nut breakfast


The main ingredients are almonds, cacao, coconuts and dates and each bomb is bursting with vitamins and nutrients.

You pick four flavours and then get a 12 pack sent to your house. I’m in love with these as they’re are great extra snack if you’re hungry but want something less than 100 calories. Because I’m dieting at the moment, I’ve taken these to work and put them in my locker and if I’m still feeling hungry after lunch, I’ll have one to keep me going until home time!

Nutri-Bombz Nutri-Bombz Nutri-Bombz Nutri-Bombz Nutri-Bombz


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One Comment

  • Sarah

    These sound like a brilliant idea. I gave up on Graze box after years of subscribing as I was just getting bored with the packets and could make my own, cheaper, tastier versions at home. Balls, I haven’t tried making. These are the perfect pre/post gym size though, I might have to go have a little click on their site

    Sarah 🙂
    Saloca in Wonderland

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