Get Energy Fit

Get Energy Fit

Winter is well and truly upon us and keeping up the exercise routine over the festive season can be tricky. But with all that extra time inside, there’s other ways to do something good for yourself, your bank account and the environment. Get energy fit!

Get Energy Fit

Smart meters are the new generation of gas and electricity meters, and in the same way fitness trackers can help you stay healthy, smart meters can keep you motivated to reduce your energy waste and save money.

Available to everyone, even if you rent your home, a smart meter will allow you to see how much energy you’re using and what it’s costing as you go along.

You’ll be able to see where you are using the most energy and help you to make positive and sustainable changes.

Plus, with a smart meter there’s no more estimated bills, you just get charged for what you use – so you don’t need to go out in the chilly winter air to take a meter reading anymore.

If you rent and you’re responsible for the bills, you ca get one too, or if your landlord pays the bills for you, just ask them to arrange your upgrade. What’s more, they’re free! To get one installed, just contact your energy supplier.

Fellow fitness blogger Zanna van Dijk uses tracking technology to help perform at her best and took part in a two-week challenge to get energy fit, check out her tips below to get you started tracking your energy use.

Often the smallest changes can have the biggest impact, and with a smart meter you can see the difference in what energy you’re using in near real time.

Be ‘shower savvy’

Showers use significantly less energy than baths, but they also allow you to take control and turn down the amount of hot water you use while washing, helping to save a little bit of energy each time. You can also try reducing your shower time, even if it’s just a minute – it all adds up.

Make smart kitchen swaps

An easy switch you can make in the kitchen is only boiling the amount of water you need in the kettle. If you’re only making one cuppa, just use one cup’s worth of water, you’d be surprised how much energy and money you can save!

Putting on full washing machine loads of clothing and cleaning at an eco-friendly 30 degrees is another easy way you can change your routine to be more energy efficient.

Try one pan meals

Another easy step you can take to save energy in the kitchen, is using one cooking device or means of cooking instead of a few different ones. One pan meals are a great way to save energy and hassle.

Make your swaps a habit

A small sustainable swap you can make every day is switching off your devices when they aren’t in use, instead of leaving them on standby. Turning the lights off when you leave a room is another easy way to make a big difference.

Once it’s part of your day-to-day behavior, saving energy becomes second nature.

Try these heating hacks

Before the depths of winter finally kick in, stick an extra layer on before you put the heating on – that might be all you need. But when it does get a bit chilly, try setting your thermostat to one degree lower than usual – every little counts and you won’t even feel the difference!
Zanna also recommends closing the curtains at night to help to keep the heat in, and stop it from, quite literally, going straight out of the window!

Get a smart meter

Smart meters can help you keep track of your energy use, set goals and stay motivated to make small sustainable changes. Using the in-home display you can easily see the energy you’re using and how much you’re spending. It’s like a fitness tracker, but for your energy!

To find out more about how you can get a smart meter at no additional cost, contact your energy supplier.


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