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Flex Lewis at Predator Nutrition

Syntha-6 Edge

To celebrate the launch of BSN’s new improved version of their Syntha 6 protein powder, Syntha-6 Edge, there was a bit of an event on last Sunday at Predator Nutrition in Leeds.

I had my half-marathon in the morning and didn’t have time to go home. I grabbed a bit of cheap makeup from Wilkos and tried to make myself look presentable and hoped that I didn’t smell too much.

When we got to Predator Nutrition in The Light, Leeds, it was full of BSN products and there were some samples for us to try.

We got to talk to one of the BSN athletes, Carly. She was stunning. My dream = arms like hers one day! She was lovely and answered some of our questions about of often she works out and I asked her some questions around protein for vegetarians.

Syntha-6 Edge

Flex Lewis showed up and we got a chance to meet him. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but he was really nice. He spoke to us around his passion for weight lifting and how from being so young, he snuck weights in his room to train. It was clear he loved body building and loved talking about it.

He congratulated me on my medal and held it up for my picture!

flex lewis

Syntha-6 Edge

We left with a goody bag with a tank top, some samples, some earphones, a phone case and a shaker that has my new favourite quote on it:

You don’t get what you wish for, you get what you work for.

Syntha-6 Edge flex lewis Syntha-6 Edge Syntha-6 Edge Syntha-6 Edge

Read more about the event on Predator Nutrition’s Blog.


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  • Anca

    Looks like a interesting event. Can you write more about what they said regarding the proteins for vegetarians? I know a lot, but I always want to read more about it x

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