Fitness Updates // More Bench


Monday: 50 mins weights, 30 mins running
Tuesday: 45 mins weights then a 30 min run.
Wednesday: Weights and cardio.
Thursday: 1 hour free weights.
Saturday: 45 mins weights and 15 mins cardio.


I didn’t do much cardio last week. Mostly because I was proper knackered and again, the vertigo thing was being triggered by the tiredness. I hope I’m less tired this week as I’m missing doing as much cardio!

I started of really well though, on Monday and Tuesday it was really sunny, so after doing some weights I went for a 30 minute run. It was nice because I wasn’t tracking my speed and distance with my Garmin, I just had my heart rate monitor and went until I had burnt 300 calories. Going to start doing that more when it’s warm as it’s such a good way to get my cardio in when I’m struggling with the motivation in the gym. Which I am. I’m okay with weights, but it’s just the cardio that I’m finding hard going.

The cross trainer sets my vertigo on and on the bike, I have to really push to get a decent heart rate going. I need to work on this next week.

Last week I mentioned I had started doing bench press. I did it twice again this week with 27.5kg loaded on the bar. I plan on benching again Tuesday and Friday morning when it’s quiet. I’ve been doing around 5 sets of 5. I might try for a 30kg single or double this week.

I also did a seated over head press on the racks. Mostly because it was already set up. I would like to try it again and add some weight as I was only lifting the 20kg bar. I might try it again and add 2.5kg to it and see how it goes.

I also loaded more weight on all the machines last week which is great. Though some days I felt stronger than others!

I skipped workouts on Friday and Sunday because on Friday, my leg was really hurting. Then on Sunday I was hungover, ha. But rest days are okay, right? I’m kind of beating myself up about it.

I’m excited to get back in the gym tomorrow.

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  1. June 13, 2016 / 12:57 pm

    YESSSS Rest days are okay! I’m really struggling with motivation in the gym and stuff right now too, feel like there’s no point trying to achieve what I want to because it’s going to take me so long, but slow and steady I suppose!
    Love that you’re able to just go until you’ve burned a certain amount of calories, that seems like such a good way of doing things!
    Seeing your little burst of fitness come up on my feed is definitely motivating me too!

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