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Fitness Update // A week off work

york yorkshire fitness blogger skinnedcartree

york yorkshire fitness blogger skinnedcartree

Hello friends.

Hurrah, another good week at the gym. I went 5 times this week. Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Sunday.

york yorkshire fitness blogger skinnedcartree

I haven’t weighed myself this week as my PT has told me not to, but I am starting to feel a lot leaner. I even wore some of my older workout clothes to the gym on Sunday which I’ve felt a bit too big for. I was pushing it a little bit, I think, but it didn’t look horrendous. Fake it until you make it and all that.

My PT session was good. We trained legs focusing mainly on squats and deadlifts with some supersets. I’m starting to feel a bit more comfortable with squats but I’m still not getting very low. I did some work on Sunday on both these exercises with just 15kg to work on the technique. I’m still over-thinking the moves and I find that can distract me so I’m trying to get into the habit of doing it naturally without having to focus too much on if my knees are bending over my feet.

I have next week off work and I’m excited as it’s a week where I don’t have plans. This means I can go to the gym during the day when it’s quiet! I also have two PT sessions next week. Hoping to get there every day as I’m conscious I won’t be burning as many calories as I am when I’m walking around work all day.

Anyway, after my tough workout session on Sunday morning, it’s now almost 2 pm Sunday afternoon as I write this and I’m about to walk into York with my boyfriend and have a nice meal and some drinks. It’s snowing so that is either going to be lovely or horrendous.

Hope you’ve all had a great week, stay motivated!


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