Fitness Update // Week away

Fitness Update // Week away

There’s not really much to report this week as I was on holiday in London Monday to Thursday. We did lots of walking about, but also lots of eating and drinking.

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I went to the gym on Friday and did chest day. To be honest I felt weak. I was doing more high rep on the bench press so did 2 sets of 15 at 20kg, then 12 at 25kg then 10 at 30kg. On the last set of 30kg, I only got 9 reps.

I also struggled on the incline bench press. I just felt tired.

I had a better workout on Sunday doing power lifts. Did 2 rep max at 65kg and 4 reps at 60kg. My form wasn’t great at 65kg!

This week I am trying a new gym. A new Puregym has opened near work and because I always get stuck in rush hour traffic in York, I decided to drive to Leeds first thing, workout and then go to work. Hopefully, it will make things easier. It only costs an extra £3 a month for multi gym access! Winning.

2 PT sessions this week. I need it!


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