Fitness Update // Two weeks of busy

I didn’t have the chance to update last week as I was at my boyfriend’s parents all weekend. Oh no. Work has also been kicking my ass.

Let’s start with the week commencing 16th July:

Monday: Leg day.
Tuesday: PT back and shoulders
Wednesday: Rest
Thursday: PT leg circuits
Friday: Rest
Saturday: Rest
Sunday: Rest

Week commencing 23rd:

Monday: Back and shoulders
Tuesday: PT leg day
Wednesday: PT circuits
Thursday: Rest
Friday: PT chest day
Saturday: Rest
Sunday: Legs circuits and cardio

To be honest I’ve been really struggling to get in back into a routine the past couple of weeks. The heat, being busy, it’s all so difficult! I really need to reset my diet this week. I have been going to the gym but my eating hasn’t been great! Weight is the same and I’d like to see it drop about 3lbs.

Send help.



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