Fitness Update // Two runs no cycle

leeds york fitness blogger

leeds york fitness blog

Monday: 10k spin and PT lone session // 594 calories
Tuesday: PT session – leg day // 458 calories
Wednesday: 30 min spin and arm row circuit // 545 calories
Thursday: PT lone session // 635 calories
Friday: 4.9-mile run // 752 calories
Saturday: 3-mile run // 497 calories

Another great week of fitness. I’ve lost a grand total of 8.5lbs since I came back from Australia! That’s a lot more than I was expecting as I usually struggle to lose weight. I was also weighed and measured by my PT and I’ve dropped 20cm around my waist since then too. My PT gave me client of the month because she sees me working hard in the gym and says she can see the difference in my body. Awesome!

We didn’t cycle this Sunday as we have been in Whitby, though I did go for a run on Saturday morning along the beach. A very cold, windy run. It was hard.

I drank Friday and Saturday night which I’m hoping hasn’t done too much damage when I step on the sad step, but easy on usually means easy off.

Looking forward to the next week, although I’m going to be mega busy. Doom. No day off this week apart from Sunday and I have a works meal in the afternoon. Send help.


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  1. February 19, 2018 / 9:49 pm

    That’s one disadvantage to living by the sea. It’s always bloody windy!!

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