Fitness Update // Trying Paleo

york fitness blogger

Monday: Back and shoulders
Tuesday: Leg PT session
Wednesday: Rest
Thursday: Leg session
Friday: Chest PT
Saturday: Rest
Sunday: Back and shoulders

york fitness blogger

This week was alright. I had a bit of doom in my PT session on Tuesday. We were training legs on the smith machine and working on my depth. Too much going up and down set off my vertigo and I ended up feeling really sick. We had to cut the session short and spent the last 15 mins stretching. Luckily my PT had a free slot on Friday morning so gave me a free session then. Very kind of her.

I am still hating leg sessions though but loving upper body. I am starting to like deadlifts again a bit more. I am progressing quickly with regards to how much I can lift and it feels amazing. Going to keep on focusing on weights and lifting heavy to see where it can take me!

I’m moving my diet towards more paleo based. Reason being I’ve been having a lot of stomach problems and the paleo diet focuses on wholefood that is nutritious and easy to digest. I’m excited to see if it makes me feel better!


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