Fitness Update // Transformation photos

transformation photo weight loss

It’s been 3 and a half months since I came back from Australia and kick started my fitness routine. I’ve been having weekly PT sessions and lone sessions sent to me.

I’ve been working out about 6 times a week, eating healthy and I’ve cut down on alcohol. I’ve lost 11lbs since then and wanted to share my before and after photo.. dun dun duuunnnn..

transformation photo weight loss

I feel so much better! I know there isn’t a massive difference, but feeling a bit more on the lean sider rather than plump is exactly where I want to be.

I’ve got about another 7lbs to lose then time to focus on strength, toning and maintaining! I need to stick to my routine and I know this is the opposite advice everyone gives – but continue to weigh myself. If I don’t weigh myself, I make excuses to eat more and exercise less. It works for me!

Anyway, this weeks workout

Monday: Rest Day.
Tuesday: PT session – leg day // 1 hour 35, 739 calories
Wednesday: Cardio // 53 mins,  452 calories
Thursday: PT lone session, treadmill intervals and circuits // 1 hour 14 mins 886 calories
Friday: PT lone session – rowing intervals and circuits // 1 hour 5 mins, 585 calories
Saturday: Squats and cardio // 1 hour 8 mins, 606 calories
Sunday: Squats, arms and cardio // 1 hour 24 mins, 659 calories

My PT session on Tuesday was a killer! Had leg day and was doing pulsing squats, pulsing lunges and other painful exercises. My legs were shaking, I was sure I was going to be in pain the next day but I wasn’t! Phew.

My Thursday gym session was also really good, too. I did a long session and it was basically running, running intervals and then circuits with 2 mins of uphill running to start each round. My heart rate was so high during the whole sessions and it was one of the best workouts I’d had in ages. I did hate it at the start but thankfully the last rounds of exercises weren’t as bad.

Looking forward to next week. Getting weighed and measured on Thursday by my PT so let’s see what the results are!

How was your week?



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