Fitness Update // A touch of vertigo oh no

Hello again.

I only went to the gym twice again last week. I did plan on going Wednesday and Friday but I started getting a bit of vertigo so decided to rest. It started on Tuesday afternoon and has been pretty on and off since. I hope it doesn’t get bad again as I can’t be bothered with this doom. I’ve been doing so well the past few months and was hoping it would never come back again.

Anyway, I was another pound down this week. I’ve been doing another So Shape challenge as they sent me more shakes to try out. I’m enjoying the morning shake loads and can’t believe it’s actually filling me up!

Anyway, my gym sessions have been pretty average. Weights and then 30 minutes on the stair master. I’ve been struggling to get on the weight machines I’ve been wanting to use, the gym just sees so much busier than usual!

How has your week been?



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