Fitness Update // Total loss: 9 pounds


Time for another fitness update. I had another great week of exercise again. Here’s what I did.

Monday: 3 mile run, sculpt (30 minutes weights) and 20 minutes of yoga.
Tuesday: Sweat (35 mins cardio) and abs.
Wednesday: Sculpt
Thursday: Sweat, abs and 20 mins yoga.
Friday: Sculpt and 10 miles bike.
Saturday: 5 mile run and abs.
Sunday: 15 mins yoga.

Next week I start moving up a level with the workouts as I move onto the second stage mid-week, which should be interesting. The workouts have become a lot easier so the extra push is probably needed.

Weight wise, I lost 2lbs this week, bringing my total weight loss to 8lbs. I was hoping to lose another pound, but I should be happy with the loss and going slower is probably better in the long run.

I’m not far away from the weight I want to be at now, then it’s a case of focusing on buiding muscle and losing fat. I’d love to be there by new years so I can focus my 2015 goals on strength, rather than weight loss.

I’m having trouble importing my runs from my Garmin at the moment. I updated the OS on my Macbook Pro and for some reason it doesn’t recognise that I’ve installed the program. I should get that sorted at some point so I can get the data up from my previous runs. It was getting me too angry the other day, so I took my ball and went the fuck home. Screw you, garmin.

I have one run planned today and another one planned on Thursday, then that will be it for running until after Christmas,as I am working every day from Thursday til Christmas day!

Let’s hope for another good week 🙂



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  1. December 17, 2014 / 5:24 pm

    Nice job! Your fitness routine is putting me to shame… I need to draw some inspiration from it!

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