Fitness Update // The Struggle Bus is here.

fitness blog

Tuesday: 4 miles run.
Thursday: FLAMINGO LAND WOO. 5 miles walking.
Friday: Gym: 10 mins running intervals, 10 mins cross trainer, 10 mins cycling then weights at home.
Saturday: 6 miles bike ride.


fitness blog update

fitness blog update


Another not so great week this week! Work has been making it hard, again. I’ve been doing a lot of 3pm to midnight finishes and it’s been killing me. When I’m back in the morning after, I just come home and go straight to bed.

My hours are a bit more normal this week, so hopefully that should help.

I’ve been getting behind with blogging too which is another reason I’ve not had time. I’m not going to let the blogging fall behind so I prioritise that over exercise, unfortunately. What’s a girl to do, eh?

Thing I might start looking into quick 30 minute home workouts, like the P30x programs. Even if I’m not following the actually programs, I can still do the workouts on days I’m strapped for time!

Hows your week been?



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