Fitness Update // Stronger now please

Fitness Update // Stronger now please

Monday: Cardio
Tuesday: PT sessions – back and shoulders
Wednesday: Rest
Thursday: Rest
Friday: Chest
Saturday: Legs
Sunday: Circuits

Fitness Update // Stronger now please

Had a good week this week. Had a great deadlift session on Tuesday and seemed to have got it a bit better with the deadlifts. I was squatting too much instead of tilting my hips. Oops! I seem to have got it a bit now so hope to see some progress with that soon.

Still working on my flexibility in my hips for squats. I’m struggling to go deeper than 90-degree angle which is frustrating, need to keep working on those flexibility moves my PT has been telling me to do.

It’s been cooler this week which has helped, it’s awful in the gym when it’s too hot!

On to the next week..


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