fitness update

Fitness Update // Still Going Strong

fitness update

Monday: 30 mins cardio, 45 weights (arms) 594 calories burnt. 1 hours 15.

Wednesday: 30 min spin class and stair master plus weights (arms). 588 calories burnt. 1 hours 24.

Thursday: 30 min spin class, stair master, cross trainer and weights (legs) 630 calories burnt, 1 hour 32.

Friday: 40 mins cardio and weights (arms) 693 calories burnt, 1 hour 35

Saturday: 40 mins cardio and weights (legs) 474 calories burnt 1 hour 17 minutes.

fitness update

Another great week working out! I’m feeling really strong and confident at the gym and glad I got two spin classes in. There are 2 spin bikes for us in our gym, I went on one on Saturday and it has a QR code to download some workouts that you can do on the spin bike, it counts down for you and tells you when to sit, stand and up the intensity and stuff!

Food has been pretty good, but not amazing. I’m craving salty snacks a lot and although I’ve not been over eating, I probably should opt for better options!

I’ve still not lost any weight, either. This is a massive frustration for me. I keep telling myself I’m gaining muscle. I feel a difference in my strength, but there’s no difference in my size. I just want to appear slimmer! I’m trying really hard not to get disheartened. I know I’m not eating too much because I use myfitnesspal and I never go over my calories. It makes me wonder if I should up my intake for a bit and see if that can give my metabolism a bit of a boost or something!

Does anyone have any wise words of motivation for me?


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  • Sarah

    I tried to be all good and motivated and go the gym this morning. My gym was on fire. I took it as a sign to bugger off and go back to bed for 45 minutes. And now I feel like crap. Damn!

    Please don’t get disheartened you’re doing amazing! The changes you seek will come, just concentrate on being happy and healthy <3

    Sarah 🙂
    Saloca in Wonderland

  • Steph

    You’re doing awesome! I know what it’s like to feel like your getting no where. I get frustrated at how slowly I’m progress, but it’s always better than not improving at all : ) Keep smashing it!
    Steph x.

  • claire

    Don’t give up! The weight has to go somewhere eventually! Without noticing it your body will be changing shape. Just give it time.

    On another note your weekly workout schedule looks great! Wish I had the same motivation to fit everything in. I’m really missing spin classes.


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