Fitness Update // Squatting Better

Monday: Chest lone session
Tuesday: Leg PT session
Wednesday: Power liting lone session
Thursday: Cardio
Friday: Chest lone session
Saturday: Rest day
Sunday: Circuits and some squats and deadlifts.

Another good week. I’ve now moved onto doing 3 reps of 40kg on the bench press! It’s nuts to see the progression. I was looking back at the first chest session my PT sent me in April and I was only going up to 25kg!

Squats are coming on a bit too. I’ve built back up to 40kg with better form. My PT videoed me if you want to see. I was only doing 2 reps. It still felt difficult, to be honest, but on Sunday it felt much easier!

Sunday was fun, I’ve met a girl through Instagram who goes to my gym. We spent a few weeks ignoring each other because we’re both awkward and then eventually spoke haha. Anyway, she is a bit intimidated by the weight area so I showed her how to use some of the equipment. Lots of women are a bit scared to go in on their own, but it’s not scary at all and you get a much better workout from the machines in the main weight area. I did my circuits after and then did some squats and deadlifts.

I’m strangely looking forward to tomorrows leg session!


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