Fitness update // Silly snow

Fitness update // Silly snow

Fitness update // Silly snow

Monday: Watt bike circuits // 608 cals
Tuesday: PT session: Leg day // 556 cals
Wednesday: PT session: Arm circuits // 419 cals
Thursday: Rest day // 4 miles York
Friday: Wattbikes & Arm Circuits // 500 cals
Saturday: PT lone session – Watt bike + Watt bike arm circuits // 755 cals
Sunday: PT lone session – Leg day // 841 cals

I had 2 PT sessions this week as my PT is away next week so I don’t have one. The leg session on Tuesday was a killer! I did some hip thrusters for the first time and my bum was hurting for days after! The second session was an arm circuits using the dreaded core bag and finishing with some boxing. I found the core bag much easier this time so that’s a plus.

Thursday it snowed so I had a snow day from work. I work 20 miles away from where I live and the snow was so heavy!

I was going to go to the gym, but my boyfriend and I went for a walk and ended up walking to the centre of York, having a coffee and then walking back. As this took more time than I was expecting, I decided to take my rest day and spend the rest of the day blogging. I didn’t want to get the snow off my car anyway!

I wasn’t feeling very motivated on Friday but forced myself to go to the gym. The workout started off slow but I managed to up my effort a bit and burned 500 calories. Not bad to say I wasn’t feeling it!

I did lone sessions on Saturday and Sunday as it’s easiest to get the equipment I needed at those times. After 5 pm on a weekday is hell and it’s a struggle to get the weights and machines for set sessions. Very frustrating!

I lost another pound this week which is also good. I’ve lost just over 10lbs since starting with my PT 3 months ago. I have actually been eating a bit more, too. I’ve been hungrier and don’t want to get into the habit of starving myself then giving up, so have been having a few more healthy snacks.

Raring to go for the next few weeks!

How has your week been?


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