Fitness Update // Run run run

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Monday: Gym: 10 mins running intervals, 5 mins stair master, 10 mins cross trainer intervals, 10 mins cycling intervals, 1000m rowing.

Saturday: 30 mins cross trainer, 30 mins cycling, weights.

Sunday: 6.5 mile run

fitness blog

fitness blog fitness blog

I’m still on the old struggle bus with the life thing getting in the way of exercise! But I managed 3 workouts, which is a decent number, I guess.

I want to get more outdoor runs into my routine. I was doing so well with my speed and I feel like I’ve gone somewhat backwards! Might try and get in shorter, faster runs rather than longer ones where I go at a really, probably too comfortable speed!

Got more life plans next week, so might be just another 3 workouts to report next Monday. Fingers crossed!

How was your week?



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