Fitness Update // A run AND a ride!

york leeds yorkshire fitness blogger

york leeds yorkshire fitness blogger

I’ve two pounds this week! Hurrah! That’s a loss of 6lbs since I got back from Australia. 3 pounds a month. Slow and steady but I feel like it’s starting to drop a little faster lately.

I worked out 6 times last week.

Monday: Treadmill work and weights. 628 cals / 1hr 01 mins
Tuesday: 5.4km run. 386 cals / 39 mins
Wednesday: PT lone session – rower circuits with weights. 705 cals / 1hr 35 mins
Thursday: A mixed bag of cardio and weights. 610 cals / 1hr 06 ins
Friday: PT session – leg day. 551 cals / 1hr 10 mins
Sunday: 26-mile bike ride. 1094 cals / 2hr 07 mins

On Tuesday morning before work, I decided to go for a run instead of going to the gym. Just because it’s most time friendly and I am time poor. It wasn’t too bad but I’d like to be faster.

I also went on a bike ride with my boyfriend on Sunday. 26 miles. First ride since last April. I’m glad to say my legs didn’t hurt too much the day after. I have been doing a lot of leg work at the gym and work on the watt bike.

We hope to make Sunday rides a regular thing. Though I do need to work on my speed as my poor boyfriend was having to wait for me lots. I’m never going to be as fast as him on the bike as he races and rides a lot, but I’d like to be faster.

Looking forward to the next week and hope I can get some good workouts in!



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