Fitness Update // More riding!

Monday: PT lone session – legs. 1 hour 30 mins // 648 calories.
Tuesday: PT session then 10k spin – 1 hour 31 mins // 672 calories.
Wednesday: 45 min spin then PT lone session – 1 hour 47 mins // 853 calories.
Thursday: 4.3 mile run // 733 calories
Friday: Short ski erg and 40 min spin – 427 calories
Sunday: 23 mile bike ride – 1 hour 49 mins// 986 calories

Had another good week this week. Trying to get a run and a ride in each week.

My running is really slow. I play on going out for a run on Wednesday morning as I’m working late and I need to do something about my pace. I’m going to try and run some intervals to force myself to be a bit faster and get back until the 11m mile mark for a run average. I’ve gotten so slow since I’ve been having a break from running!

Went on a ride again on Sunday and it felt okay. I need to start pushing myself more because I feel like I could have gone faster. My boyfriend has given me some training plans to do on the spin bike so I’ve been toying with them this week. Trying to do them a few times a week with my PT lone sessions.

I’m starting to see the difference now. I’ve lost half a stone since I came back from Australia so things are going in the right direction. I want to lose another half a stone and then focus on strength and power. Hopefully, I can do that in the next two months.

How has your week been?


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