Fitness Update // Plateau of doom

Fitness Update // Plateau of doom

Fitness Update // Plateau of doom

Monday: Treadmill circuits // 648 calories 1 hour 02 mins
Tuesday: Rower circuits // 539 calories 1 hour 06 mins
Wednesday: Treadmill Intervals // 724 calories 1 hour 02 mins
Thursday: PT session // 337 calories 51 mins
Friday: Squats and treadmill circuits // 632 calories 1 hour 7 mins
Saturday: PT leg lone session and cardio // 620 calories 1 hour 31 mins
Sunday: Cardio // 326 calories 45 mins.

The week was overall a good one. You might have noticed that I’ve stopped doing Wattbike circuits and started doing treadmill circuits more. I was struggling to keep my heartbeat high on the bike and found I can work harder on the treadmill, so that’s the reason for that. And I’m sticking to it. It’s actually a really good work out. I run for about 10 minutes, then do about 15 minutes of 1-minute running and 1 walking, then run for 2 minutes and pause the treadmill to do a couple sets of weights.

I haven’t lost any weight for around 3 weeks so I need to get back to being stricter with myself. I’ve been hungry so eating a little more.

No excuses next week! Need to stop saying yes to those extra chocolates at work!

Hopefully next week I can report a bit of loss.. Just 1lb and I’ll be happy.


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  1. March 28, 2018 / 11:37 pm

    Plateaus are so frustrating when it comes to fitness. Trying to establish a routine that helps you stick to working out is hard enough but then having to constantly readjust it and change it up just to avoid a plateu makes it so difficult to stick to a routine.

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