Fitness Update // New Program

york fitness blogger

Monday: Chest
Tuesday: PT leg session
Wednesday: Rest
Thursday: legs and cardio
Friday: Chest
Saturday: Shoulders and cardio
Sunday: Rest

york fitness blogger

My Saturday workout was shocking because I was hungover. I hate that. I hate that so much. I had a stressful week at work and then when I was about to drive home I discovered I had a flat tyre. This was not what I needed. I live 20 miles from work so had to get the RAC man out to put a temporary fix on it and then I drove home and drank a bottle of wine. Lol. I had to get up early on Saturday to take my car to a garage for a new tyre before I went to my parents in the afternoon.

Next week I’m starting a new program working on strength. I’m very excited and am going to give it my all! Still need to work on my hip flexibility though so doing lots of exercises working on that using the smith machine. Keeping the load light but getting as low as I can.

I’m excited for the next few weeks.


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