#Fitness Update // Much better week


Monday: 40 mins cardio then 20 mins arm weights.
Tuesday: 60 mins cardio
Wednesday: 30 mins zumba
Thursday: 45 mins cardio

fruit breakfast

exercise fitbit

After the disaster of last week, this week has been a great improvement fitness wise! Though due to being busy on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, I’ve been unable to fit in exercise!

I feel like I really need to start doing something more consistent weight wise, but I just hate lifting weights so much! I always feel great after, and I love it when you feel the burn the next day, and I REALLY like the look of toned arms, but I just can’t seem to get into it.

I think my aim in life is to find a boyfriend who will come to the gym with me and force me to lift.

Are there any takers?





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