Fitness Update // I moved!

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Okay, so as I said last week, I moved house this past weekend!

I planned my packing and everything so I could go to the gym Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday – which I did. I didn’t go on Thursday as it was the last night in my old house and I was getting the last things ready.

On Friday, I went to work and then came straight to my new flat to pick up the keys. Saturday and Sunday was spent organising, moving and going out and buying things.

I’m mostly moved in now so hopefully my workouts will be a lot better this week!

My workouts were nothing special, I did 2 upper body days and a lower body day. Now I’ve moved in, I can focus more and work on upping the weights a bit more! I think the rest days the week before really helped because I felt really strong while lifting this week!

How has your week been?

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