Fitness Update // More plateaus

Monday: 713 cals // 1 hour 9 mins
Tuesday: 812 cals // 1 hour 43 mins
Wednesday: 552 cals // 1 hour 15 mins
Thursday: 1048 cals // 1 hour 32 mins
Friday: 468 cals // 1 hour 16
Saturday: 708 cals // 1 hour 27
Sunday: 756 cals // 1 hour 13

Had a great week gym wise, didn’t really have any bad workouts.

I had 2 PT sessions this week, Tuesday we did leg day and on Wednesday we did chest and back. My legs were shot by the end of it as I did deadlifts on Wednesday after leg day. I also was really tired after getting home from work at 11pm on Tuesday and having a PT session at 7am. I struggled with some of the moves, I tried them again on Saturday on my own and managed much better.

It’s insane what sleep can do for you.

On Thursday I did one of the sessions my PT sets me to do on my own. This was called cardio blast and boy, was it a blast. I have to do this every two weeks and time myself. It was so hard. A 3 min step test followed by a 5k treadmill run. Then 1k sprint, then 800m sprint, then 500m sprint, then 2k on the rower and a battle rope burnout to finish off. It was so painful sprinting after running a 5k! I am not looking forward to the next time I have to do this!

I haven’t lost any weight this week. I even gained half a pound from what I lost a week before. It’s so frustrating because I’m putting the work in and eating well. I don’t want to cut my calories anymore I’m already eating little and I’ll be even more hungry.

I’m getting weighed on measured on Tuesday so I’ll see what I am at according to the PTs scale.

How was your week?

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