Fitness Update // Looking at the future

Hello again! Here’s how my workouts have gone this week:

Monday: Back and shoulders.

Tuesday: Leg day.

Wednesday: Circuits.

Thursday: Chest and biceps PT session.

Friday: Poor attempt at leg day due to a hangover.

Saturday: 10k run.

Sunday: Rest day.

A decent week this week, but room for improvement for sure. I was an idiot and drank on Thursday night and my morning workout was ruined as I felt like crap. Must not do that again. Many regrets.

I had my PT session on Thursday and my PT said that now I’ve lost weight we’re going to work more on increasing strength and toning. She is going to change my workouts a little bit and rather than sending me sessions to do, she’s going to get me a notebook for me to work from and I’ll do the same sessions increasing weights. I’m really excited to start trying something new and hope to see a difference soon.

Ran 10k in 1hour 4 mins on Saturday. I’m doing Race for Life 10k next Sunday. I hope to keep running 10k after and improve my time. It’s nice to get different cardio in than just at the gym.

Weight is the same. I’m going to start tracking again on myfitnesspal¬†this week. I’m pretty sure the amount I am eating has crept up so I need to sort that ASAP!

How was your week?


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  1. June 3, 2018 / 8:32 pm

    Excited to see where your new fitness regime takes you.

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